A Chocolate Crock Pot Recipe For The Books

6 easy crockpot meals chocolate cake

Here’s some amazingness for you to try at home!

This past November, my husband and I went to Minneapolis.  We had never been and did not know what we would find, but it was so fun!

One of our favorite things in the area was the food.  We ate so many new things (we even tried a German restaurant for the first time!) and truly enjoyed every restaurant we tried.  But, my absolute favorite part was the dessert from our hotel’s room service.  I think I had it every single night we were there.  I mean, I watched the results of the elections from bed with this dessert!

It was a simple chocolate caramel cake with a scoop of ice cream on top.  To be room service, it definitely was not served very prettily.  It was kind of messy and did not have much garnish over it.  But my goodness, it was the best chocolate caramel cake I have ever tried.  I later asked how they made it and the chef told me it is made in a slow cooker and they just scoop it out into little dishes.  Is that not amazing?!  I knew I had to make it myself and I did!


Quick Tip: Don’t frost this cake until it’s cool so you don’t get runny frosting.

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