Enjoy These 7 Holiday Treats This Christmas Season!

4. Holiday Meatballs


We all love meatballs, right? Well, I know that I do anyway. I found this recipe for holiday meatballs and thought it looked great to make and serve during holiday get-togethers. I have so many parties planned during the Christmas season that it isn’t funny! Then, there is the big day itself, Christmas. My family likes to eat appetizers before the meal. Lord forbid I don’t have any appetizers sitting out or else Uncle Jerry is rooting around my kitchen in search of a banana to keep himself from “starving.”


Do you have an “Uncle Jerry” in your family? Someone who always needs to be eating or else they just might keel over and die lol! Well, if you do, these lovely Christmas meatballs will stave off their hunger until the main meal is ready. Thes meatballs contain a lovely cranberry glaze that is to die for. I think I could eat these meatballs as a supper dish instead of an appetizer. Totally, yummy!


Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.




Quick Tip: Keep these meatballs warm by allowing them to sit in your Crock Pot. 


I love Frankenmuth. I lived in the Detroit area from the age of 20 to 50 so it was a special treat to drive several hours for dinner. There were two restaurants across the street from each other and everyone had a favorite, Bavarian Inn or Zenhnder’s. My ex and his family only ate at Zehnder’s, which I did not consider worth the drive. THEN I discovered the Bavarian Inn and was amazed at how deliciously different the food was from Zehnder’s. While I was never a fan of the stollen I was definitely a fan of the chicken dinner and would make the trip every Spring, Summer and Fall. Not just for the food but for the shopping, as well. This was long before the Outlet Mall opened so the only shopping was in Frankenmuth and the Christmas Store and the Clock Shop were always a delight. Thanks for the Memory!

I am looking for a recipe for using a white cake mix and peppermint flavored candy pieces..I saw it on a quick ad..but didn’t find it again.

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