5 Irish Recipes You Should Make For St. Patrick’s Day

5 irish recipes irish corned beef

Did You Get 5/5? Only Truly Irish Have Tried All Of These Recipes!

I am so excited about St. Patrick’s Day, again! There isn’t an Irish bone in my body but my husband’s family comes from this great land of leprechauns, and I am intrigued by their culture and delicious recipes. We are hoping to travel to Ireland some day but in the meantime I’m just going to have to settle for the cooking!

St. Patrick’s Day is always a big deal in our house – actually, in our whole neighborhood. We all gather together for a potluck type of event; everyone brings a little something and, of course, we all wear something green. The day is filled with food, music and laughter (and Guinness), and it is one of our favorite get-togethers. Ask our kids and they will probably tell you they like St. Patrick’s Day more than they enjoy Christmas!

When it comes to Irish recipes, the first one on this list is an absolute must and I’m sure most of you have already tried it. But every year someone brings something new and refreshing that we’ve never tasted before, so I’ve tried to include some of those recipes, as well! Which one of these is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!


Quick Tip: Even though these are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, they are delicious any day of the year!