4 Steps To The Most Flavorful Meal You’ll Have All Winter

Skip The Hassle And Make This Awesome Soup In Your Slow Cooker!

My kids are not too fond of soups, which is a shame because I would love to make soups every day of the week through the winter!

However, they are crazy about meatballs so I figured I would lure them into enjoying soups, too! At least one soup, that is. And so I made this awesome crock pot meatball soup the other day.

My son could smell the meatballs cooking and he asked if we were going to have spaghetti. I said nope, and asked him to wait until dinner. There’s nothing like curiosity, to boost your kids’ appetite, haha!

By dinner time both of my kids were dying to know what we were having. “Mom, it smells soooo good! Isn’t it done already?” I had to use all my will power not to laugh because I knew they wouldn’t have said that about soup!

You should have seen the look on their faces when they finally found out what was in the slow cooker! For a moment there, I thought my son would throw a tantrum but instead, he was thrilled. He had never heard of meatballs in a soup and he was eager to try it. Well, guess what? He really loved it!


Quick Tip: Add your favorite root vegetables – I love adding rutabaga.