You’ll Win “Chef Of The Year” With This Potato Salad!

We’ve Never Had Potato Salad This Awesome Before!

I have friends who seem to think potato salad should only be served at summer BBQ’s and that’s it. For me, it’s a funny thought – in our family potato salad has always been one of the New Year’s Eve staples, and I couldn’t even imagine the party without it.

This year, I was hoping I could find a healthier version of it. I got tired of all the heavy foods during Christmas, and I thought I’d start my yearly diet a little early, haha! Just kidding – I’m not going on a diet but this recipe from Dani’s channel Clean & Delicious is so fresh and tasty, that it may very well become my family’s new favorite.

I love how she used plain yogurt to get a wonderfully creamy salad without all those extra calories. There still is some mayo in here, too, so don’t worry if you just can’t have potato salad without it!

I already made this and it is waiting in the fridge for tonight – although I have to use all my will power so that I wouldn’t go and eat the whole thing before the guests arrive! Now, that would be embarrassing…

Recipe and image courtesy of YouTube and Clean & Delicious – check out Dani’s other healthy recipes, too!


Quick Tip: This recipe makes six, 3/4 cup servings.