Place Crescent Rolls In A Pan And Add 4 Ingredients For A Meal Your Kids Are Going To LOVE

Could This Be The Easiest Dinner Recipe EVER?

I am a mother of two very lively children. While I love their energetic personalities with all my heart, I have to say we are facing some everyday challenges, too. Before I had kids, I could spend two hours in the kitchen cooking for my husband, and I actually loved it! It was nice to see my husband really appreciated the recipes I tried, and the effort I put into each meal.

These days – well, let’s just say it’s not exactly the same way anymore, haha! Don’t get me wrong; my husband still really appreciates it very much that I manage to cook dinner every day, even when I’m staying home with the kids all day.

And my boys, they love all kinds of food so I don’t have to deal with picky eaters. But preparing dinner is a little difficult, when it seems like that’s when they always come up with the craziest ideas and manage to tear down their room or paint the cat red.

That’s why I love quick and easy dinners like this crescent taco bake from Pillsbury! This is one of the boys’ favorites.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite kind of cheese for this bake!

Recipe and image courtesy of YouTube and Pillsbury – check out all of their delicious recipes!