Looking For That Perfect Cake Recipe? It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated!

You’ll Only Need 5 Ingredients And 5 Minutes For This!

I’m really excited about today’s cake recipe! I found this quick and easy dump cake over at the Fat Fit Beauty vlog and I think it’s just awesome.

I’m new to her blog but I already found several favorites – you should go and check them out! This particular recipe is for a cherry dump cake and it’s one of the easiest dessert recipes I’ve ever tried. You only need five ingredients – well, four actually, since one of them is optional! And I guarantee it will take you a maximum of five minutes to put this together.

The most difficult part of this cake recipe is to wait for it to bake in the oven – and then wait for it to cool a little bit, before serving. I didn’t – trust me, it was a mistake. This tastes so much better when your mouth isn’t on fire, haha!

This is an awesome recipe for those special occasions when you have plenty of family or friends coming over. You can easily make two of these, and use different kinds of pie fillings if cherry is not your thing.

Recipe and image courtesy of YouTube and Fat Fit Beauty – check out her amazing recipes!


Quick Tip: Choose your favorite pie filling for this.