The Grown Up Way To Eat Macaroni And Cheese – Buffalo Chicken-Style!

Have you ever experienced eating the same food in one straight week just because you have leftovers that could last you for months if they won’t get spoiled?

I experience it a lot. Mostly when I have people over. I prepare a lot of food when I invite my friends. And since the easiest dishes to prepare are pasta dishes, I end up preparing a lot of pasta dishes, hence the leftover crisis. I stuck them in my fridge and just reheat them whenever I need to eat.

Pasta dishes, when cooked really nicely, will remain tasty even after reheating them. I love my pasta a little dry and not soggy with sauce. I want to see those strings of cheese whenever I serve myself a slice of that lasagna or a plate of that baked macaroni so I am always careful with the sauce.

The easiest dish to prepare for me is macaroni and cheese. I usually use bacon or ham whenever I want meat in them. Meat evens out the taste and at the same time adds flavor to the cheese mixture. I have never used chicken. Not until I discovered this recipe that showed me how good chicken goes well with the classic macaroni and cheese.




Quick Tip: Serve with a side dish of garden salad or a crusty bread.