Layered Caramel Cake Will Make You Weak!

This is the type of cake you sit in the closet with and eat by yourself for fear of having to share with others.

Caramel is something that’s been an acquired taste for the family over the years. Even my niece and nephews, who love everything with sugar, are quite wary of it. Don’t get me wrong; we all love its taste and its enticing smell. It’s just that it can come off as too sweet when eaten as raw and we always feel like we can’t eat anything else after eating food with caramel on it. Whenever we use caramel for a recipe, we always made sure we use very little of it; just for flavor. We put caramel sauce over sundaes. We drizzle caramel syrup over our brownies. We use a cup for our cakes. And we also have a drop of it in our cups of coffee. We have never made a dessert with it as the main ingredient.

Once a year, we fly to the south where the youngest of my aunts live with her husband. We stay there for about a week because she tends to get lonely sometimes with two of her children married already, and the other one is in college. Since my uncle still works, she is often left alone. Out of boredom and a touch of melancholy, she puts her mood into baking. During our last visit, she served us this cake that I know was caramel because of how it looked. After assuring me that it’s different from most caramel food recipes, I tasted it.

And my goodness, she was right! For the first time in my life, I didn’t mind that it was covered in caramel. I asked her how she made the caramel taste so flavorful yet not that overwhelming. There was also this certain kick that makes it a bit different. She shared with me this recipe that she found online and told me I had to try it. It’s quite tricky to make, but once perfected, I would have the perfect caramel cake in my hands. So I did! And it was so worth it!




Quick Tip: Perfect with your favorite tea or with a strong cup of coffee.