What’s Chocolaty, Moist, And Flavored With Bananas? Choco-Chip Nanner Bread!

The Bread I Cannot Live Without

One advantage to having kids all the time is that you will sometimes feel like you’re back to those days when you were once like them. Kids make you feel like you’re one of them all the time most especially if they treat you like you’re one of them. That’s what happens to me whenever I am surrounded by the kids in the family. They’re too irresistible not to play with. Whenever they ask me to play with them, I will always play with them.

During one of the family gatherings, one of my aunts served us choco chip banana bread and ice cream for snacks. I was in the middle of the floor that time, surrounded by the lot of the kids, because I was telling the story about Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

All of their eyes were on me as I told them the story of Charlie and how he came to inherit Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory. It was one of my favorite movies, actually. It has a lot of lessons on it that would teach kids a lot of values. By the end of my storytelling, the choco chip banana bread also met its end. Yes! The plate was empty.


Quick Tip: You can use semi-sweet chocolate chips if you don’t have any milk chocolate chips.