This Pumpkin Praline Bread Parts The Waters Of Hunger Like The Red Sea

You know one of those television shows when the host reads a letter from a fan? Yes, the ones that will re-enact the life story of said fan. It reminds me of my Mom whenever she reads letters from her sisters and we were there listening to her. I was still able to live through that—when very few people have phones installed at home and the communication was only between letters? Those were hard times, but peaceful too. No phones meant no distractions. A

nd people actually knew how to express their feelings using words and letters. I love receiving letters more than text messages actually because they reveal more of the feelings of the sender. My best friend and I used to exchange letters when we were kids even though we lived just in front of each other.

Let’s go back to my Mom. Whenever one of my aunts sent her a letter, she would keep it aside for a while and then serve us dinner. After dinner, she would take out the dessert, which is usually a cake of some sort or a pie, and then she would give us a slice each. While we were eating, she would read the letter to us.

This praline pumpkin bread recipe reminds me of those times simply because I remember eating pumpkin bread the most when I was a kid. You should try this recipe. I have already made it a few times and I still crave for it every time!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Southern Bite.


Quick Tip: Serve with tea or coffee.