Easy-To-Make Beefy Enchiladas In Authentic Tomato Sauce

Take A Trip To Mexico Without Even Leaving Your Kitchen!

When Mika falls in love, it’s forever. It’s quite funny because Mika is one of our friends who thought she will not fall in love. Ever since we were little, most of us, including me (in a less cheesy way of course) had always dreamed of falling in love. But Mika, who grew up tough in a world full of tough brothers, thought love was a weak emotion. We didn’t even try to change her belief because hey, love was a feeling and you couldn’t force it. Ever. So we left her alone; and eventually, we forgot all about it. We all grew up, graduated and left home.

So we were all surprised when we learned that she is about to get married in a few months. My friends and I friends scheduled a weekend where we could all go home to visit Mika. She was a changed woman. She was less tough and has a bit of that tender look in her.

While we ate her homemade beef enchiladas, she told us how one man changed her life. We met Jean that day. He was the happiest person I’ve ever met. No wonder why Mika softened a lot. They invited us to their wedding and we all agreed to come. It was a weekend well spent. I brought home a wedding invitation and a recipe of the cheesiest beef enchiladas.


Quick Tip: Serve with a side dish of salad.