Classic, Creamy Carrot Cake: An Oldie But Goodie!

This Recipe Has Never Let Me Down

Remember how my friends always deliver one of their kids at home for me to babysit? When they’re the little boys, I almost always want to tear my hair off. Yes, they’re adorable, but little boys are too rowdy for their own good sometimes. It’s easier if the boyfriend’s around because he plays with them while I’m working. But when I’m alone, the only way I can make them behave is to feed them with something they like and allow them to play roughhouse a little. However with little girls, it’s a bit easier. They’re more behaved. And I just often leave them with art supplies and they will be fine.

My favorite bonding activity with these girls is always the afternoon storytelling. I will bake them something really delicious (most of the time I bake them the day before) and then we will share the cake or cookies over milk and coffee while I tell them a story.

They’re favorite ones are the classical princesses tales of Disney. I’m not much of a princess fan, but I truly loved the stories so I was able to narrate the classical stories to them the way I knew how. They always fall asleep after that though, which makes lie easier for me. Anyway, this classic carrot cake reminds me of those moments. I hope you will find this really yummy!


Quick Tip: You can use the food processor for grating the carrots.