Creamy, Buttery Squash Soup Puts a Smile On Your Face :)

I Cannot Get Enough Of This Soup!

I grew up in a family where we, the kids, were taught about the value of simplicity. I have a couple of aunts who were really living a good life, but they still taught their kids, my cousins, to live humbly and to stay humble and simple. Even during reunions, we never felt like they were out of reach. They were the same funny aunts that we knew from childhood. My cousins had their bad moments when they were kids, but they outgrew them.

It all came with age. When you grow up, you start to realize a lot of things you weren’t able to realize when you were little. And one of them is the fact that what matters most is the abundance of what you feel inside your heart.

Just like this simple butternut squash soup recipe. It’s so simple, made of the most common ingredients that you can find inside your kitchen; but it tastes so good and so creamy that anyone who will get to taste it will be satisfied by this one simple soup.

It doesn’t matter that it’s easy and it’s simple to make; what matters is that everyone find it tasty and everyone is happy for being able to eat something as good. For this creamy butternut squash soup recipe, please click over to the next page!


Quick Tip: You can buy a container of butternut squash that’s already cubed for easier preparation.