You Can Finally Do Salisbury Steak The Way You Want To

So easy! I’ll never make these any other way again!

My husband grew up on a farm in a very old-fashioned traditional way. His mother stayed home and took care of the house and the kids while his dad went out and worked on the farm. He would take care of the animals, the land, the mechanics, and just about anything else that had to be done. It’s my understanding that he hardly ever called in outside help. If he couldn’t do it alone, chances were that it couldn’t be done… and let’s just say, most things got done.

That hard working guy would come in from a long day and expect his dinner of meat and potatoes, which the mother-in-law was always more than happy to provide for him. She figured that was the least she could do after he was out hard to work all day long to support the family.

One of the dishes that my hubby always talked about was her salisbury steak. I never really even had salisbury steak until she showed me her recipe. It was comparable to this one from The Seasoned Mom… and it’s off your rocker delicious!

Recipe courtesy of The Seasoned Mom. Photo credits go to ABC.


Quick Tip: You could also use ground turkey if you want.