Super Easy And Your Typical Sloppy Joes!


My youngest daughter is a chef in the making! She loves to help me cook and she will often suggest things to make. She is truly talented when it comes to the cooking in this household. I should add that she is only 10 years old. She is very careful when she is making things, with my supervision of course. But she is very conscious of her surroundings. When she starts cooking she is in her zone!

Being a 10 year old, she is not making anything too fancy, but she does like to change up classic recipes. She will try to think outside of the box ad make something that is truly a twist on a meal that we eat often. I mean you really have to see this little girl in the kitchen. She can do anything! I can’t wait to see if she sticks with cooking and how she progresses as the years go on. Plus, it’s nice to have someone help me in the kitchen. Although I seem to still get stuck doing the dishes!

One of her recent dishes that she suggested was sloppy joes. She knows that her older brother loves to eat sloppy joes, but she didn’t want to do the same old thing, She suggested that we try a sloppy joe recipe with chicken and that is exactly what we did. I had never actually made sloppy joes with chicken before, but it turned out wonderful! This is definitely a recipe to try!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of 365 Days Of Crock Pot.


Quick Tip: Dice up some jalapeno and add into the mixture for a little spice!