King Of The Castle Ranch Casserole!


Every third Sunday of the month we have an after church program for the kids. It’s almost like an extended Sunday school for them. The kids really love this. It gives them a chance to be social and have a time that is designed just for them without any adults. Well, mostly no adults around. We all have a really good time  when we are playing games and just talking with each other.

One of the best parts of this is the lunch that we all have together. We have like a mini potluck that the kids just love. Most of the kids make a dish with their parents to bring to this lunch. I usually make the main dish. I have a lot of kids to feed so I am always trying to think of different foods that will feed a lot of kids but not break the bank!

I don’t like to only serve things like hot dogs or sloppy joes all of them time. I am not against those easy meals. They make a lot of food for a really good price, but I really like to change it up and make it a little more interesting. This past Sunday I decided to make a casserole. I settled on a King Ranch casserole. This was such a majo kid among the kids that everything was eaten up in no time!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Dish Maps.


Quick Tip: Add some jalapenos diced for a little bit of spice.