The Best Meatloaf Recipe of 2017!


I am a grown woman, but I still love going over to my mother’s house for dinner as if I am still a kid living under her roof! She just makes the best food ever! My kids think she is a fantastic cook as well. I have some picky eaters in my house, but when we go to Grandma’s house, they will eat up anything that she makes! I wish I had her touch so that I could get my kiddos to eat more!

My mom makes the traditional foods. She likes to make a lot of casseroles. I have learned all of the casseroles that I make from her. She is a whiz at those that is for sure! She also likes to make pot roasts. I can’t ever seem to make them quite as good as her, but I try. But my absolute favorite meal that she makes is the one and only meatloaf!

I love meatloaf. My kids only seem to love meatloaf when grandma makes it! I only make it the original way, but grandma makes meatloaf in various ways! This last time she really made the best meatloaf ever! She stuffed the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and oh my!! It was so fantastic! I loved every morsel of it and now I need to make it for my family because they loved it too!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Mr. Food.


Quick Tip: Use leftover mashed potatoes instead of potato flakes.