The One And Only Famous White Chicken Enchilada Casserole!


When I am cleaning my house or folding laundry I always put on a cooking show. These shows give me great ideas of what to make and also teach me a thing or two. I really do love watching them. Every host has their own way of doing things so its interesting to see two shows make the same thing and see how different they make those dishes. I think we all have our favorite cooking show!

These shows also make me super hungry too! I usually have to eat something beforehand because I will raid the kitchen and gobble some food up! Well, the other day I saw a recipe so good that it made me hungry even though I was already stuffed from breakfast. It was like I could smell this wonderful dish through the TV! I knew that I had to make it.

I was watching a woman make white chicken enchilada casserole on the TV and knew that I had t make it for my family right away. I certainly felt inspired and wanting to test out this casserole because I had never made it before. I was so happy that I did make this casserole because my family really loved it! As soon as they walked in the door from school they all mentioned how yummy the house smelled!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Chew Out Loud.


Quick Tip: Add in jalapeno for a spicy kick.