Meatloaf With A Mexican Twist! Delicious!


A few months ago my neighbor moved into the house next to me. They were outside moving everything into their house and they were super busy. I waited for a bit to say hello. I love to be the welcome wagon, but sometimes I tend to have bad timing. After they were done moving in, I went over there and to say introduce myself to them. They were such nice people!

I know how hard moving is so I decided to offer dinner to them. They would not have it! They said that I was so kind to offer but Frank used to be a chef at a really nice Mexican restaurant. He said that the kitchen was the first thing to be completely unpacked and that he wanted to make me and my husband dinner! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I would have been way too tired to make dinner for myself let alone the neighbors!

My husband and I went over there and we had one of the best dinners I had ever had. Frank made Mexican meatloaf. I had never had this kind of meatloaf before and it was absolutely scrumptious. I was so impressed with this delightful meal. I asked him if I could take the recipe and make it myself. He was happy to share the recipe with me and now I get to make it for my family.

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Food Network.


Quick Tip: Add in jalapeno for a spicy kick.