You Won’t Believe What You Can Turn Your Freezer Snacks In To With This Recipe!

When U was at the grocery store not long ago, I was doing my usual selection of a frozen treat that we usually enjoy on the weekends. Sometimes I get mozzarella sticks or potato skins. This time I found these taquitos that I thought sounded pretty good. When I got them home though, I didn’t think that they looked as good as they did in the store. I had to do something to spice these up a bit. Thankfully, there were lots of options that I came across on the internet.

Spend With Pennies had the one that I was most interested in though. I had to go back to the grocery store after work one day to get the ingredients to make this creamy jalapeno dip, just because it sounded so incredible.

I’m glad that I did! It was well worth the extra trip to the store I can tell you that much. The dip turned these boring ol’ frozen treats into something that’s worthy of serving to your friends and family at a dinner party. Nobody even realized that the taquitos came from the freezer. They are all too focused on the dip.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Spend With Pennies.




Quick Tip: Top however you want… use all your favorite fresh ingredients.