Nobody Will Walk Away Crabby After Having Some Of This Pasta Salad

When my aunt and uncle got married a few years ago, they were in their 50s, so they were pretty well over the whole big wedding and reception idea. They had a minister come to their backyard and that’s where they exchanged their vows and signed the marriage license. Then, they had a tent set up with some chairs where people could sit and eat the potluck meal that everyone had helped in contributing to. What a cheap way to do a wedding, right?

There was more food there than I had ever seen at any other wedding reception I had ever been to, and such a wide variety. Just about anything that you wanted you could find somewhere on that buffet line. My favorite dish was the seafood salad that one of the cousins had brought.

I had to get in touch with her after the party and get her recipe. She said it was a lot like this one from Group Recipes. It’s perfect for warm summer days. I make it all the time now. It’s big hit among the crowd.

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits go to Deep South Dish.




Quick Tip: Real crab is good if you can find it on sale… otherwise imitation crab works just fine in here.