A New Twist On Potato Salad That Everyone Will Enjoy

When I first met my husband, I thought he was so strange when it came to foods. He was super picky, and still is. That’s something that just can’t be denied. But the weirdest thing was, no matter what kind of cold salad I made to go with the food we were grilling, he didn’t eat it. He couldn’t stand the macaroni or potato salads, spaghetti salad was a no, once in a blue moon I could eat him to eat coleslaw, but that wasn’t even all that often, or as often as I would like.

Finally, I had it narrowed down… he didn’t like mayonnaise… that makes sense. So, I started making these dishes with Miracle Whip instead. Nope, still not interested. It made it hard for me to enjoy the foods that I wanted with our BBQ meats when I had to make an entire dish just for myself.

Now, this recipe from Group Recipes for Ranch Potato Salad… it had to be it. He loves ranch. I made it one day a year or so ago, and he’s asked for it at least a dozen times since. Thank goodness. We can have summer salads back in our house again!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits go to Recipes Food and Cooking.




Quick Tip: Try with sweet pickle relish instead of celery for a sweeter taste.