Hold On To Your Hats For This Slow Cooker Huli Huli Chicken

My husband and I had recently purchased our first home. It was nice, but it wasn’t ours. We had a lot of work to do. We were young so we knew that we wanted to do everything ourselves. Ambition is in full supply at that age. After we started working on a few things, we really figured out how much it was going to take to get things to the way we liked them. It seemed as though we were never going to finish, painting, remodeling, flooring, all of it.

One thing that didn’t take me long to figure out was the fact that when we were spending our weekends working on a project, I wasn’t going to be in the mood to cook. The problem there is, we would work up quite the appetite. Being hungry does nothing for your ability to work effectively I’ll tell you that much.

After ordering out so many times, I decided that I was going to start putting my slow cooker to work. This Huli Huli chicken from Cravings Of A Lunatic was one of the very first things I made. It was worth every minute I spent prepping… and it only took a few!

Recipe courtesy of Cravings Of A Lunatic. Photo credits go to Hiya Heidi.




Quick Tip: Make a huge batch and freeze what you don’t eat.