An Eggless Chocolate Cake That Is Egg-cellent!


I’m really happy to share this eggless cake with everyone. For one thing, it is seriously delicious! You’d be surprised It’s also great for people with food allergies, specifically to eggs. I’ll tell you all my story, so brace yourselves! When I was a little girl I developed a good allergy to eggs. Every time I would eat eggs or anything with eggs in it I would break out on my skin pretty bad. It was no fun, trust me!

My mother had to get creative with the food that she made. She had to either make a dish with no eggs or make me something on the side. I was never a very picky child, but it seemed all of the yummy foods that I liked to eat had eggs in it. Breakfast foods were very limited for me, which was a shame because I loved french toast! To be honest, I had a sweet tooth like most kids. So, instead of me missing out on yummy snacks my mother would prepare eggless treats for me.

I loved chocolate cake! My mother found a great recipe that worked wonderful without eggs! I would request this cake all of the time! In fact, I grew out of this food allergy when I hit my teen years and I still love this cake. Now, my daughter has the same food allergy. The first sweet treat that I made for her was this delicious chocolate cake. She was so happy that it tasted good! She requests this all of the time now too!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Traditional Secrets.


Quick Tip: Serve with a nice big scoop of ice cream!