You Only Need One Bowl To Make This Cake!


I love to make cakes and yummy desserts. I don’t like having to clean up large messes. I think most of us can agree on that. The easier the clean up, the better the cake will taste! I like to look for simple recipes to make at times that don’t require me rolling out the red carpet in the kitchen and spending 45 minutes cleaning up the mess. Not all delicious desserts require crazy messes.

When I saw that I like simple cake recipes, it’s more than just the easy clean up that I am looking for. I really like to have a simple cake that doesn’t have tons and tons of sugar on it. I like frosting and how cute you can make cakes look with it, but sometimes my taste buds are leaning in a different sweet direction. I think it’s safe to say that we all feel this way from time to time. Even us people with the sweet tooth!

I usually will make some sort of a coffee cake or a sweet bread, but then I found this upside down cherry cake. It looked so simple and easy to make. Not to mention that the recipe only called for one bowl! Um, excuse me, but why have I never made this cake before!? I tried it out and it was exactly what I needed!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Bon Appetit.


Quick Tip: Serve with french vanilla ice cream.