Brunch Will Never Be The Same After This French Toast Casserole!


My house has become the gathering place for holidays, reunions, or anything that requires family to come to town. I have a finished basement that has a few bedrooms and is comfortable for the family to stay in. I really don’t mind at all. I come from a big family and I do not sweat when they all come to town. In fact, I actually like the hustle and bustle of everyone gathering at my home.

It’s great to create such wonderful memories with my family. One thing that does mean though – making a lot of food. Breakfast is especially important too. That is the meal that gets everyone in a good mood and going in the morning. It sets the tone for the entire day so I take that meal very seriously.

I like to make good food, but I also like to make a lot of something that is easy to make. My go to foods are casseroles for times like these. I have a few staple recipes that I like to go to. This french toast casserole is one of those recipes. This makes a ton of food and is absolutely delicious. You can prepare it ahead of time to and then just pop it in the oven in the morning!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Debbie Net.


Quick Tip: Top off with whipped cream.