Homemade Pizza Rolls For A Nice And Easy After School Snack

Whenever my oldest son would come home from school, he would always be so hungry. The first thing he did was go and raid the cupboards, fridge, and freezer until he found something that he liked. A lot of the times he would go for the store-bought frozen pizza rolls. They cooked up in the microwave in like a minute so he could do that himself. He would eat a great big plateful and then run right back out the door to go and play with all of the neighborhood kids until supper time.

One day, when he was looking for his favorite snack, we didn’t have any. Uh-oh. I thought he might panic for a moment. He didn’t thought, he just came and told me. Little did he know that I had seen this recipe on Recipe Lion for homemade pizza rolls and I wanted to make them with him.

He didn’t look too thrilled about being cooped up in the kitchen instead of playing with his friends like normal, but he did it anyways. I think in the end, he was happy he did. We had some nice bonding time, and he got a scrumptious snack when it was all said and done.

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Purplest Pecalin.




Quick Tip: Stuff with pepperoni or ham.