You Can’t Go Wrong With This One-Pot Goulash

There wasn’t much that my dad was good at when it came to cooking. He could throw down a frozen pizza, maybe some mac and cheese from a box, or a can of spaghetti-os when Mom was working late. We never went hungry. There was one dish that he did have a hold on though, and that was goulash. I’m not sure where or why he learned how to make goulash, but he was darn good at it. If Mom gave him enough of a head’s up that she wasn’t going to be around for supper, he would always make it.

His recipe was just like this one from Mommy’s Kitchen, almost exact actually. He would make a great big pot for me and my three other siblings and between the five of us, this would be gone. I always felt bad because there were no leftovers for Mom, or so I thought.

It was several years later that Dad told me that he always took a nice bowl out for her before letting us have our free-for-all. Well that made more sense. What a nice fella I thought. No wonder why they have been married for over 50 years!

Recipe courtesy of Mommy’s Kitchen. Photo credits to I run so I can eat.




Quick Tip: Top with some shredded cheese before serving.