Super Easy And Delicious Cucumber Salad

My Grandma always had a great big garden going in her backyard. I think by the time my mom and the rest of my Aunts and Uncles had moved out, she wasn’t using even half of the foods that she harvested. She would take big basket fulls down to the church and donate it to the food pantry. I know those people that were struggling appreciated the fresh food once in a while versus getting stuff in a can or a box all the time. There was one thing that Grams never had extras of though, cucumbers.

Our entire family loved them from her generation all the way down to mine and even my kids. There’s something about biting into a nice fresh cucumber that just says summer. It makes me feel light and refreshed from the inside out. Grandma used to take the ones she kept and make up a salad a lot like this one from BigOven.

You could pretty much guarantee that at any given time in the summer, there was a bowl of it sitting in the fridge. Whenever I went over there, I went directly to the kitchen to get myself some. Now I make it at home, and it’s just so yummy. The kids and I will sometimes just have this for a snack or side dish to dinner. Yummy!

Recipe and photo courtesy of BigOven.




Quick Tip: Toss in some fresh tomato and onion.