Must Have Crispy Roasted Broccoli

My mom was always that mom that was trying to shove vegetables at us. There weren’t many that I liked. I never understood why the constant pressure with the veggies, until I had kids of my own. Now I find myself doing that very same thing with my kids. There was one thing that I did enjoy in that category growing up, and still very much today. Broccoli! I’m not sure what it is about the “trees” as I used to call them, but we just agree. I like it hot, cold, dipped in ranch, covered in cheese, plain, whatever… it all works.

Whenever I find a new tasty recipe, I am always intrigued. There isn’t so much that can be done with broccoli, so any ideas I’ll take. I found this one in Living Healthy In Settle just in time for the grilling season to start. It looked like it would pair perfectly with a nice steak or pork chop…heck anything really.

I had to try it out right away to see if my thoughts were reality. I was correct. Maybe it’s my years of experience in eating broccoli that helped me figure it out. Not really sure. I do know that my kids liked this too so that’s a plus. Anytime I can get them to eat vegetables I’m happy. Now I know how my mom felt.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Living Healthy In Seattle.




Quick Tip: Use coconut oil instead of olive oil if you like the sound of that.