Maple Dijon Chicken: A Quick Dish Loaded with Flavor

Chicken is the most popular base food in our house. It’s really the only main entree that the whole family can agree on. I have a daughter that doesn’t like red meat, at all, so that takes out a whole lot of meals when she is eating with us. Chicken isn’t my favorite, unless I can find something to do with it. My boys and husband could care less, as long as there is food on the table. So, we do a lot of grilled and baked chicken in different seasonings and sauces. For the most part, I switch up the side dishes to keep it interesting.

Laa Loosh popped up on my computer with a recipe for maple dijon chicken, so I had to get the ingredients and try it. I love mustard. I dip my pretzels in mustard. I put mustard on my pickles before I eat them. I can’t ever have too much mustard in my life. So this was going to be one to add to the books I confidently thought.

I was right, per usual. I tossed this together on a weekday after work and the smell alone told me that the family was going to enjoy it. They started hovering around the kitchen at the end of the cooking time and that’s always a good sign. We have this a few times a month now and it’s always delicious.

Recipe courtesy of Laa Loosh. Photo credits to Plain Chicken.




Quick Tip: Chicken thighs can be used in place of the breasts.