Very Magic Seven Layer Bars

Recently, my church called me and asked if I could throw together a nice dessert for an upcoming meeting that was being held. They know how much I love to bake and I’m always willing to give back and help wherever I can. Of course I can make something! They said that there were a lot of people that were making all the traditional desserts like cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, so maybe if I could come up with something different, it would be nice to have some alternatives for everyone to choose from.

Okay… now the bar is set a little bit higher. I wanted to really do something special just to show off my skills. I found a recipe for 7 layer magic bars on The Recipe Rebel and knew that I wanted to try them out. I remembered my aunt making something similar to them years ago, and they were always really good.

I got to work right away and headed to the store to get my ingredients. I made up a double batch of these and cut them up to take into the dinning hall. The people there were so grateful for my donation. It was one of the only desserts that was completely emptied out before the end of the meeting. I didn’t even get to try one. I know that means they were good!


Recipe courtesy of The Recipe Rebel. Photo credits to Brown Eyed Baker.




Quick Tip: Switch out the white chocolate chips for any other flavor.