A Fruit Muffin Recipe Better Than Tim Horton’s

When we went on vacation recently, there was a cute little store down the street from our hotel that sold the tastiest coffee and the most amazing little muffins. I think we went there for breakfast just about every single day that whole week. It was a bit costly, but we were on vacation so we didn’t really care. After getting back home, I couldn’t find anything even remotely close to those little pieces of heaven. So, like any reasonable baker, I decided to find out how I could make them for myself at home.

I came across a recipe on The Recipe Rebel that looked shockingly familiar. I decided to give them a try. Much to my delight, they were just like the ones that we had while we were in our dream spot. I gave them to the rest of the family, and they agreed with me. I liked how easy these were to toss together.

I like to make these on a relaxing Sunday morning after church for a nice breakfast or brunch treat. I have also taken them to potlucks and even donated them to my kid’s school for a bake sale. Everyone that tries them really likes them. I don’t mind all the compliments coming my way either.

Recipe courtesy of The Recipe Rebel. Photo credits to Great White Nowhere.




Quick Tip: All-purpose or whole wheat flour can be used in these.