The Perfect Mexican Meatloaf For Your Fiesta!


When I go out to eat, whether it’s with family or friends, we typically end up at a Mexican Restaurant. I have to admit that Mexican food is my favorite. I love the seasonings, the fresh veggies, the spicy kick, etc. It’s all yummy! Not to mention the margaritas! Every now and then I figure out a way to spice up my typical meals that I make for my family.

This time I am adding a kick to my classic meatloaf recipe! I made this awesome Mexican meatloaf. This is such a wonderful recipe. Who would have thought to make a meatloaf Mexican style? This was a nice change to a classic family meal. It also gave me the opportunity to change up the side dishes too. No potatoes here!

These are the type of fun meals that my kids may not think anything of now. But I am more than sure that when they grow up that I will get a phone call asking me about that one fun meal that I made that one time. I look forward to passing these recipes down to my kids when they are preparing food for their own families. It’s crazy how food brings back such great memories!

Recipe courtesy of Family Food On The Table and photo courtesy of


Quick Tip: Serve with cilantro lime rice.