You’ll Be Smitten With This Honey Garlic Chicken

What Are You Having For Dinner Tonight?

A week ago, my husband and I decided that we deserve a weekend break from all the stress from work lately. I agree with him because these past few weeks were really a bit tough on the both of us. We knew we are blessed for having such jobs, but sometimes it’s really a bit frustrating and we just have to have a break from it sometimes. So we went on a short road trip with the kids just so we can relax and have fun.

During our road trip, we stopped by a certain restaurant for our lunch. The mini restaurant offers local food and I knew we would enjoy eating there. We ordered everything we wanted to eat and waited by our table while enjoying the interior of the place.

One of the most remarkable dishes that night was the honey garlic chicken. It tasted a bit different than most garlic chicken recipe that I ever tasted. Its taste was stronger, but there’s also a hint of mildness that you would definitely enjoy.

I couldn’t take my mind off that chicken recipe. When we came home, I searched all over my collection and online regarding a recipe that I can modify to achieve such a taste. It turned out I didn’t have to because this recipe by Le Crème Dela Crumb tasted the same.

You can get a copy of this recipe on the next page. You will never be disappointed.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can substitute ½ teaspoon of red pepper flakes for the hot sauce.