You Can’t Say No To This Tasty Tomato Beef Casserole

An easy put-together casserole is always on the top of my recipe list. I love casseroles. My family loves casseroles. How about you; do you love casseroles? I don’t make them every day unless it’s a pasta dish. Whenever there are a lot of leftovers from dinner- that’s the only time I make casseroles. I don’t really like wasting food; so I put together everything including a mound of cheese and everything will be perfect.

Sometimes, I whip up a casserole from scratch most especially if it’s something suggested by a friend or a family member. Usually, it’s my sister-in-law who calls me about a new recipe, encouraging me to try it for my family. She’s usually on point since my family and hers have almost the same taste in food.

The last time she called me, she wanted me to try this new casserole which she found over at My Recipes. It was a simple casserole that she’s sure my family will love since her family was crazy over it.

I tried it while my kids are busy playing with their lego set. The house was filled with an amazing smell that could only be caused by cooking meat and cheese. The smell didn’t leave the kitchen for a while and we wallowed on it.

When my husband came home from work, his eyes instantly sparkled at the sight of the food in front of him. And when he tasted it, I was pretty sure he just died and gone to heaven and then resurrected again. He truly did know how to appreciate good food.

The simplicity of this recipe will surprise you; so will its taste. So grab a full copy now on the next page so you can try this.

Photo and recipe courtesy of My Recipes.


Quick Tip: For Italian Beef Casserole With Polenta Crust: Substitute Italian sausage for ground chuck and Italian six-cheese blend for Cheddar cheese. Prepare recipe as directed, sautéing 1 medium-size green bell pepper, chopped, with onion.