Feast Wholeheartedly On This Three Cheese Chicken Lasagna

My slow cooker is probably my most favorite kitchen hero. It does a lot of things for me, even saving me whenever I have time problems (which is most of the time during weekdays). I can cook almost anything in there without any worry. Well, maybe except when I am cooking pasta. Let’s face it- pasta gets soggy whenever we cook it longer than we should have. And we all know how slow cooker works- how in the world will pasta survive on it?

But then again, that’s the magic of the slow cooker- giving you meals that taste really good even without you exerting too much effort. Slow cooker pasta tastes as good as the ones you bake on a casserole or the ones you cook on a skillet. You will never go wrong with this recipe.

Lasagna is one of my family’s favorite pasta dishes because of the onslaught of cheese on it. In this recipe from Le Crème Dela Crumb, the cheese just goes up another notch. Three cheese in one amazing pasta dish will be incomparable.

When you make this slow cooker three cheese lasagna, you will never have to worry about your family not loving it. It’s a lasagna recipe that they will instantly get addicted to. Believe me because my family instantly became obsessed with this recipe.

If you want to try this, please head on over to the next page for the list of ingredients and instructions.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: Serve with roasted vegetables or salad on the side.