Experience That Fantastic Fudge Delight In Every Bite

I have tried cooking fudge in slow cooker before. The result is half-lauding and half-frustrating. Half-lauding because it always tastes so good; half-frustrating because the fudge doesn’t look as presentable as regular fudge. Most of the time, the fudge turns out to be a small mountain of crumbs that you will not be able to serve at some occasion. However, it’s still satisfying because the taste always makes up for the lack of presentation.

This fudge recipe that I found over at Le Crème Dela Crumb finally ends that version of slow cooker fudge. This one gives us fudge pieces that look very much like regular fudge. They are so moist and are so compact that you’ll be surprised at how much they resemble regular fudge.

I made this for my family over the weekend. My husband asked when I had the time to make the fudge because we were both putting frames in the twins’ rooms. I told him my secret and he has never recovered since.

Kidding. If you are looking for a chocolaty dessert that you don’t need too much effort in making, then you will find this slow cooker fudge recipe amazing. You will also find this delicious, and that alone will probably make you cook this again and again.

My family loves eating this fudge with milk and ice cream. Vanilla ice cream goes so well with fudge, doesn’t it? But then again, so does milk.

You should try this for your family. You can find the full list of ingredients and instructions on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: Serve with a warm cup of milk or vanilla ice cream.