This Bundt Cake Will Be Your New Go-To Dessert!

My Mom came to visit us a few days ago. Usually, when she visits, she stays for a week. The truth is, I would love for her to stay for more than a week if only she could; but she never did like leaving Dad alone. Whenever my Mom is at the house, she usually cooks for us. My husband is probably the happiest because he is a huge fan of my Mom’s cooking. He will sell his car in exchange of a slice of Mom’s cake, I tell ya. This is actually a convenience for me even though I truly don’t want my Mom exhausting herself.

But Mom really loves to cook. She is one of those people who find joy in baking and cooking. Kitchen is and will always be Mom’s territory. Even if it’s not her house, she always look as if she owns the kitchen.

So I always allow her to cook food for us. If cooking brings her joy then I will not deprive her of that. I rarely see my Mom and I can’t help but miss her all the time.

One of my favorite sweet creations she made when she stayed with us this time was her bundt cake. It was a simple cake that was marbled on the inside. It tasted like coffee too so I was in heaven.

Eating that piece of cake reminded me of home; and how I used to stay in the kitchen waiting for the oven to make a sound, indicating that the cake was done!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Dessert First Girl.


Quick Tip: Sprinkle with a bit of confectioners’ sugar or a spoonful of chocolate sauce for the true chocoholic.