Don’t Panic! This Balsamic Pot Roast Will Make You A Good Host!

How often do you find yourself having to host supper? In my case, I host supper at least once a week; and most of them are unexpected suppers. Most of the time, I am only able to prepare a simple pasta recipe because that’s the dish easy to put together. I feel a bit guilty when this happens. Because while pasta is ideal to serve during any occasion, I would have prepared a more flavorful dish like pot roast. But because of the time constraints, I only ever get to prepare a simple pasta dish.

Last week, my husband called me before lunch and told me he would come home with two colleagues. My husband has a team, and they usually talk about their projects outside the office. “New environment” gives them more ideas.

Since our house is the nearest, they often hold meetings here. And I have no problems with that. It’s better than having to worry that my husband is not yet at home.

I was a bit more prepared this time, and tried to cook this amazing balsamic pot roast recipe that I have gotten from Diet Hood. Since it’s being cooked in a slow cooker, I was able to prepare the house for the guests. I was even able to make a simple dessert because the slow cooker did its own magic without me.

It was a successful attempt! The guests loved the pot roast as well as the dessert. It felt nice to know that I wasn’t such a bad host after all!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Diet Hood.


Quick Tip: You can sear the meat before popping it into the slow cooker.