Stick To This Toffee Pudding Like You Mean It!

Toffees aren’t really my thing. I wonder if you remember my slight discomfort to caramels; it’s actually the reason why I’m not a fan of toffees. They’re too sweet for my own liking. While I have a sweet tooth, I am more of a chocolate type of person. Chocolates have that other taste in them that counters the sweetness, while toffees are all sweet. I rarely make a toffee dessert, but when I do, that means I fell in love with it.

One fine morning, while I was having breakfast with my family, my husband asked if I could make a pudding for dinner. It was a weekend, and we usually have special desserts, so I didn’t expect him to ask for a simple pudding. But I said yes, because I had the perfect recipe to try in mind.

A friend called me a few days ago asking if I have tried the recipe she sent me weeks ago. I admitted that I haven’t because it wasn’t my cup of tea. She told me that she sent it to me for a reason, that’s why I should try it.

And I did; because of my family. My husband and kids both loved; they said the special sauce made it taste extraordinary. And I couldn’t agree more!

You have to try this pudding recipe, my friends. You will not regret this.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl.


Quick Tip: When preparing your dates, roughly chop then measure out before pulsing in your food processor.