Shine With This Bright-As-The-Stars Classic Yellow Cake!

As a kid, we all had dreams that we want to fulfill. My dream job when I was in elementary was to become an astronaut. When I became older, I wanted to become an alien human, which meant I wanted to visit other planets as a “foreigner”.  Our childhood was meant to be the ideal stage in our lives. It’s that phase wherein we just dream big without worrying whether or not they would come true. Such a thing is a wonder of childhood.

My Mom used to discuss dreams with me and my brother. She never discouraged us about our dreams because she told us that nothing was impossible if you worked hard for it. Over a piece of yellow cake, my brother and I would always smile.

Now that I’m an adult with a family of my own, I already had a dose of real life. I knew what dreams would work and what dreams wouldn’t come true. But just like what my Mom did when I was a kid, I wouldn’t discourage my boys from dreaming.

The two of them wanted to be pirates for now. And if soon, they wanted to become Peter Pan and his lost boys, I wouldn’t say no to it. Because when they grow up, they will know what life is really about by themselves.

Life as an adult is really a pretty difficult path. But one thing is still for certain; yellow cakes still make me smile.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl.


Quick Tip: You can try other types of frosting for this, if you like.