A Quick And Easy Way To Make A Delicious Lunch

I was recently invited to a tea room where one of my friends celebrated her bridal shower.  She has been engaged for only 2 months and her wedding is in 2 weeks, so all her friends decided to pitch it and throw her a small shower right before she got married.  They found this little tea room that was so festive, feminine and pretty.  It had beautiful floral décor and dainty tablecloths.

They even had hats for all the girls to wear and so many pretty little details throughout.  The china they used to serve was gorgeous as well.  Everything about the place was elegant and vintage.  I was thrilled to be there.

Well, the snacks they served were absolutely delicious as well.  There were petit squares, little tea sandwiches, cubed sugar for the tea and spoons with honey on them already.  There were so many little sweet treats that you do not see often involved in the details that made this so pretty.

Of all the lovely things they served, my favorite were the tea sandwiches.  There were so many different kinds, but my favorite of the variety were the turkey cranberry sandwiches.  So simple, small and yet so full of flavor and delicious.

Recipe courtesy of Foodily. Image courtesy of Peanut Butter And Peppers.


Quick Tip: Use your favorite jam in these.