No More Dry Chicken – This Recipe Will Give You A Finger-lickin’ Juicy Result Every Time!

One of the saddest things that happened when we graduated college was separation from families and friends. We might have been taught independence at such a young age, but since we’re all brought up in families that valued bond and strength of blood so much, it was quite painful to leave home and be separated from friends too. My group of college friends didn’t stay physically intact after college graduation.

Most of us pursued our dreams that brought us to different cities. Some of us were even assigned to their companies’ branches abroad and those were the people we rarely saw. Bernadette was one of those college friends whom we truly haven’t seen for a long time.

Yes, she was one of the most successful ones, but she was also one of those who rarely got to see her family. We knew she was a bit lonely, but it was her dream to tour the world and she got it. When she last came home though, we made sure to spoil her even for just a short time.

We gathered in her home the night she arrived and brought the most delicious food as a welcome dinner for her. She enjoyed the conversation and she enjoyed the food. She told us she missed everything most especially her mother’s cooking.

This recipe for lemon rosemary chicken reminds me of that night. It’s one of Bernadette’s favorite dishes and it was served that night. This is a version by Two Peas And Their Pod and it is one of the creamiest I have ever tasted.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Two Peas And Their Pod


Quick Tip: The chicken is cooked on the stove and finished off in the oven, so make sure you use an ovenproof skillet.