A Simple Way To Make Scrumptious Appetizers For Your Next Party!

I mentioned before that I have a friend who will get married this year. And I am a part of the organizing committee. My friend doesn’t want to hire a wedding coordinator simply because she doesn’t want to fight him or her with regards to what she wants. She requested for us to do it because at least, we know most of the things she loves and hates therefore that’s one less thing for her to worry about.

There are ten of us in the group so it’s not really that difficult to do these things. We often meet on Friday nights at one of our friend’s house. Last time, it was at Rosie’s.

It was a bit of a heavy discussion about venues and we found ourselves stressing over about the amount of flowers and decorations we had to put up because of the number of visitors the bride wanted. True that we could ask other people to help us, but it was still a bit stressful because there were certain specifications that the bride’s family and the groom’s family wanted.

Rosie served us these really delicious bacon and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms so along with cold lemonade during a little break to help us relax a bit. And while we were still stressful over the details after, at least our stomachs were satisfied.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Southern Bite.


Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite beer or any cold beverage.