Snack On These Crispy Buttermilk Onion Rings And Feel The Nostalgia Wash Over You

Do you remember Tom? One of my nephews? He has a new obsession lately and it’s basketball! His mom, my cousin, told me that he’s always playing with the neighbors at the basketball court at the clubhouse. Most of them were older than him, but since he’s quite the talented player, they had all accepted him as part of the group. Every Friday, the boys hung out in their house wherein they watched old clips of NBA just to help improve each other’s skills and techniques. Tom became obsessed with MJ and Shaq O’ Neal, and decided that even though they already retired, they’re his idols.   

My cousin said she’s quite happy that Tom has finally found a group of friends that accepted him as he was. He was quite the loner before and has no permanent friends. While he hasn’t been bullied in school, it was still a bit alarming for my cousin who wanted his son to have friends. She was so happy for him that every time they stayed in the house, she cooked them snacks. Their favorite and the ones they always requested was her cripsy onion rings. I found a recipe similar to my cousins and I’m sharing them with you all. 


Photo and recipe courtesy of Mr. Food.




Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite dip.

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