This Juicy Whole Chicken Will Always Be A Classic Family Favorite!

Whole chicken recipe is something that we all grew up eating. My grandmother used to make the best whole roast chicken. She always used the biggest chicken she could find and used the freshest vegetables to go along with it. Up to now, no one could copy her roast chicken. My aunts’ will always come up with something short of juicy and tender. Even my mom has given up on copying my grandmother’s old recipe. However, they all have versions of their own roasr chicken and they all taste good to me!

This slow cooker whole chicken that I found over at The Little Kitchen is something a bit different than how my grandmother’s tastes like, but for some reason it reminds me of her that’s why I made sure to have a copy of this recipe and make it at home. It has that touch of spiciness, which isn’t overwhelming which is why my sons are able to eat them too. And it’s so juicy that when you cut it, you can see the juices flowing from inside the meat. I love that because of the slow cooker, it’s tender too. And most of all, it’s not a hassle to make because you literally just put everything in the slow cooker and wait for it to cook. This recipe is perfect for your family is a fan of chicken just like mine!


Photo and recipe courtesy of The Little Kitchen.




Quick Tip: After the chicken is done, you can throw it in your broiler to crisp up the skin.

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