These Roll Ups Are The Only Ones You Will Ever Want

The other day, my aunt invited us over her house for a BBQ. We were just planning to hang out, eat some good burgers, and then maybe watch a movie. There was no real occasion for this outing, just spending time with family that we had not seen in a while. We all thought it would be a great idea to hang out a bit, and what better way than around food, right?


Well, I remembered that my aunt is a master appetizer maker. She has so many cool recipes that she has made at so many occasions over the years. And she barely repeats recipes! We always remember her appetizers as “the brie from Christmas of 2015” or “the spinach artichoke dip from Easter of 2012.” She just has so many different ones up her sleeve that we always give them a name and a year to remember them by. I knew she would likely be making something totally different this year, but I remembered one recipe that I absolutely loved and would want to have again, so I asked her to please make “the buffalo chicken roll ups of Independence day 2014.” They were so worth it.

Recipe courtesy of Sugar Apron. Image courtesy of Annie’s Eats.




Quick Tip: Use turkey or beef if you’d like.

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