Roasted Banana Cake And How It Made Evan Feel Better

We all have that favorite type of food that no matter how bad we feel, we always end up feeling better right after we have a taste. Mine was usually anything with cheese on it—cheesecake, cheese tart, cheesy soup, cheese bread, anything! All of my friends have their own “make-me-feel-better” food too; but Evan’s one of those very few who didn’t. Maybe because he was a very picky eater. Most of the time, we just see him eating nothing but bread. Bread without anything on it! I mean I understand the appeal, but I will never understand that he can live on it for so long. I love my bread flavorful or at least with something flavorful on it like meat and cheese!


Evan didn’t like dessert, but there was one time that he was practically forced to eat one and ended up liking it. We had a charity event for the elderly who lived in a center in an event place downtown. We invited them for a day of fun and enjoyment because we were sure they missed their families. One of the staff members of the center handed us a few boxes of cakes. She said that they were baked by the residents of the center. Evan, bless him, was so touched he immediately cut a slice of what looked like a banana cake with frosting for himself and ate it in front of the residents much to their delight. By the end of the event, Evan admitted it was the first time he enjoyed a dessert. We persuaded him to bring home the banana cake for himself.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Faux Martha.




Quick Tip: Refrigerate for up to 4 days. Serve cake at room temperature.

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